Level 5

Imagining the future and then building it.

We’re building autonomous driving technology to create safe mobility for everyone.

Level 5, part of Woven Planet, is building a full self-driving system to deploy globally. Woven Planet is a software-first subsidiary of Toyota and their vision is to create mobility of people, goods, and information that everyone can enjoy and trust.

Progress to Date

From our first ride to employee pilot in just over a year.

July 2021

Acquired by Woven Planet, a subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation

November 2020

Began testing fourth generation vehicle platform on public roads

June 2020

Shared Level 5’s Prediction Dataset

November 2019

Tripled our employee pilot routes

July 2019

Shared Level 5’s Perception Dataset

April 2019

Began testing our third generation vehicle platform

November 2018

Launched our first employee pilot

October 2018

Acquired augmented reality company Blue Vision Labs

March 2018

Began testing on public roads

December 2017

Began testing on private roads

July 2017

Launched Level 5

Jul '21

Nov '20

Jun '20

Nov '19

Jul '19

Apr '19

Nov '18

Oct '18

Mar '18

Dec '17

Jul '17

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The Level 5 Advantage

A rare combination of attributes


Part of One of the World’s Largest Automakers

As a subsidiary of Toyota, we have strong financial backing along with access to vehicles, best-in-class hardware, and automotive-grade software.


Agility of a Startup

The Level 5 team was built to move with Silicon Valley speed. This is a foundational part of our culture and we make sure rapid iteration is integral to our development process.


Immediate Impact

As part of Woven Planet, we have the opportunity to generate revenue and help save lives in the near term by incorporating elements of our L4 technology into L2/3 products.


Access to Rideshare Data

Through our ongoing partnership with Lyft, we have access to real-world data from one of the world’s largest rideshare networks to power our data-driven approach.

One Misson

Investing in the future

Level 5

Experienced Team

Great minds think different.

At Level 5, we’ve built a diverse and talented group of software and hardware engineers, applied researchers, product managers, operations experts, and more.

Level 5

Global Offices

Global headquarters. One vision.

With a team of over 300 in Palo Alto and London, and support from more than 800 Woven Planet colleagues in Tokyo, Level 5’s work to improve the future of mobility spans the globe. The sun never sets on development, and every lesson from every ride is shared with the entire team.

Level 5

Testing Facilities

Test driven for anything.

Our dedicated test track is in our backyard. It’s where we train our self-driving vehicles for rare scenarios so we can be prepared for whatever comes down the road.

In the News

What they’re saying


Work has never been so rewarding.

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Islam Babaev

Sr. Functional Safety Engineer

"Every day, autonomous technologies become more complex. At Level 5, we work hard to make sure that despite the complexity, safety is proactively addressed during development in an efficient, elegant way. I’m excited to play a part in Level 5’s efforts to implement the state-of-the-art technologies to achieve the highest self-driving safety standards."

Miranda Aperghis

Sr. Infrastructure Engineer

"Or goal of building safe and performant autonomous vehicles relies on access to vast quantities of multi-modal data. I get to play a key role in achieving this goal by building APIs and systems that enable engineers, researchers, and leadership to access this data in meaningful ways."

Varsha Parthasarathy

Software Engineer

"I get to work on challenges that haven't been tackled before. It’s an opportunity to have a high impact on shaping the future of transportation. As an engineer at Level 5, I can say I contribute to the tools and technology that are accelerating the time to market for autonomous vehicles."

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